Online Matchmaking Platform

The matchmaking platform will serve as a complementary tool to the training materials and MOOC aiming to support VET providers embracing the digital transformation of the hospitality sector. The platform will actually demonstrate an open and free to use online environment that matches the demand of the hospitality market for digital solutions and digitally skilled professionals with the skills that VETs gained through the project training. The platform aims to complement the hands-on training by providing an environment that allows VET providers to come into direct contact with the intended market and better understand the needs that they will come to satisfy in order to successfully sustain their businesses in VET provision. The platform will operate in two modes:  

  • A’ mode
  1. Users (hospitality representatives, stakeholders, etc.) do an online research about the trends and potential in digital transformation, what tourists need and hospitality stakeholders have to offer 
  2.  After having a clearer idea of the tool or digital need, they describe it within the platform by creating a new request for a digital solution.
  3. VET providers as users of the platform can review requests based on their areas of activity and expertise and then express interest if they can provide such a solution based on their newly acquired skills and knowledge.
  4. Users can select the VET provider of their choice and decide about the type of digital solution. 
  5. The VET providers start putting their offer into practice.    
  • B’ mode:
  1. A list of VET training solutions, including digital ones, will be provided within the platform in the form of categories, so that users looking for such solutions can get inspired.
  2. Users select an already existing idea from the categories presented.
  3. They check the VET training conditions (e.g. duration, type of activities, digital tools/knowledge/skills required, competences to be acquired, certification, community rating)
  4. They contact the VET provider and follow up. The aim of the platform is to help VET providers get deep in the hospitality market, identify its needs and exchange information with potential customers and interested parties. To that end, it brings in contact the two main parties; VET providers and users looking for training. The experience gained from the platform and the direct interaction among its users will provide useful insights for turning the platform into a transactional environment that can increase the quality of VET provision.
The impact on the target groups is expected to be significant as they will have at their disposal a tool that they can use to better understand the needs of the industry and also study market competition. This will help VET trainers Result Description (including: needs analysis, target groups, elements of innovation, expected impact and transferability potential) become more original and innovative. On top of its wide impact, the transferability potential is evident as the main functionality of the platform is content and context agnostic and can thus empower matching needs for other sectors as well apart from hospitality.